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1. When is Boxing Day?
a. 26 December
b. 25 December
c. 30 May
d. 26 January
2. At the end of World War II, there was an oversupply of labour in Australia: true or false?
a. False
b. True
3. In 1967 which country took over from Britain as Australia's leading trading partner?
a. Japan
b. China
c. New Zealand
4. Why did the Australian government move in the 1980s and 1990s to remove protections on the country's economy?
a. It wanted more control of the economy
b. The government believed this would reduce wages
c. It was believed the economy would grow more strongly
5. Where is the Kokoda Track?
a. Singapore
b. Japan
c. Papua New Guinea
6. Religious laws have no legal status within Australia: true or false?
a. False
b. True
7. Why is Governor Lachlan Macquarie remembered with great affection?
a. Because he gave great banquets at government house
b. Because he treated reformed convicts as if they had never offended
c. Because he released so many convicts
8. Why has Australia become a sport-crazy nation?
a. Mass unemployment allowed people to play sport
b. Playing sport is a legal requirement
c. People have more leisure time, the climate is good and there is plenty of open space
9. Which take preva lence: state laws or Commonwealth laws?
a. State laws always prevail over Commonwealth laws
b. Commonwealth laws prevail over state laws
c. Commonwealth laws prevail, except for laws relating to violent crime
10. An individual's vote in an election is secret: true or false?
a. False
b. True
11. What is the capital of Australia?
a. Sydney
b. Melbourne
c. Canberra
d. Brisbane
12. The name Australia derives from the Latin word Australis. What does Australis mean?
a. Of the south
b. Dry
c. Big
13. Which controversial government policy began to be dismantled in 1967?
a. The White Australia Policy
b. The Aboriginal Settlements Policy
c. The Snowy Mountains Policy
14. When was the Aboriginal flag first displayed?
a. 30 May 1955
b. 12 July 1971
c. 3 September 1901
15. In which two years has Australia hosted the Olympic Games?
a. 1976 and 2004
b. 1984 and 1992
c. 1956 and 2000
16. In Australia, everyone must practise the official state religion: true or false?
a. True
b. False
17. When is New Year's Day celebrated in Australia?
a. 26 December
b. 25 December
c. 26 January
d. 1 January
18. Which state is also known as the 'Festival State'?
a. Victoria
b. South Australia
c. New South Wales
d. Queensland
19. With which sport are the names Sedgman, McGregor, Hoad and Rosewall associated?
a. Tennis
b. Netball
c. Basketball
20. What happened at the Ballarat goldfield in 1854?
a. Many gold diggers were killed by a flash flood
b. The world's largest gold nugget was discovered
c. Gold diggers staged a large protest
21. What is the national gemstone of Australia?
a. Opal
b. Zinc
c. Gold
d. Diamond
22. It is compulsory in Australia to join a trade union: true or false?
a. False
b. True
23. Which of these statements is correct about political parties in Australia?
a. The Liberal Party believes in high levels of government activity
b. The Labor Party believes in selling off government industries
c. The Labor Party believes in using government to help workers
24. What is Australia's national anthem?
a. Advance Australia Fair
b. Waltzing Matilda
c. God Save the Queen
25. Why is Nancy Bird Walton remembered by Australians?
a. She was the wife of Australia's first Prime Minister
b. She was the first woman to win a gold medal for Australia at the Olympic Games
c. She was the first women to gain a pilot's licence and to employed in the aviation industry
26. The separation of powers in the Australian Constitution establishes three arms of national government. What are they?
a. The legislative arm, the executive arm, the judicial arm
b. The legislative arm, the elite arm, the local arm
c. The legislative arm, the police arm, the military arm
27. What are the colours of the Torres Strait Islander flag?
a. red, black and yellow
b. Gold, green and white
c. red, white and blue
d. Blue, green, black and white
28. What does Christmas Day celebrate?
a. The miracles of Jesus Christ
b. The resurrection of Jesus Christ
c. The death of Jesus Christ
d. The birth of Jesus Christ
29. Who was commander of the Australian forces during World War I?
a. Lachlan Macquarie
b. Edmund Barton
c. John Monash
30. Who appoints the Governor-General?
a. The Prime Minister
b. The Queen
c. The Commonwealth Parliament
31. Which two states are Rugby Union and Rugby League popular in?
a. Queensland and New South Wales
b. South Australia and Victoria
c. Western Australia and Tasmania
32. Who is the head of the Australian Government
a. The President of the Senate
b. The Prime Minister
c. The Governor-General
d. The Queen
33. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
a. Edmund Barton
b. Sir Henry Parkes
c. Rod Laver
34. Equality under the law means what for Australians?
a. Government agencies can treat someone differently because of their political beliefs
b. Someone's culture background can affect how they are treated in the workplace
c. Nobody should be discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity
35. What were the nationalities of the explorers who discovered Australia in the 17th century?
a. Italian and Norwegian
b. Portuguese and Dutch
c. English and French
36. Which political party was once known as the Country Party?
a. The National Party
b. The Liberal Party
c. The Labor Party
37. How many convicts came to Australia from Britain during the 19th century?
a. Less than 1,000
b. Between 10,000 and 20,000
c. More than 160,000
38. What was the motivation for many of the people coming to Australia since 1945?
a. The discovery of rich oil and mineral reserves
b. They were forced to come as convicted criminals
c. They had family commitments or a desire to escape poverty, war or persecution
39. What has the Eureka rebellion of 1854 become a symbol for?
a. The power of natural forces
b. Good government
c. Protest and popular rights
40. Australian national government draws on the democratic traditions of which other country, other than Britain?
a. United States of America
b. Italy
c. Germany
41. How long have Indigenous Australians been living in Australia?
a. Over 80,000 years
b. Between 60,000 and 80,000 years
c. Between 40,000 and 60,000 years
d. Between 20,000 and 40,000 years
42. Who is the native Australian plant, the banksia, named after?
a. James Cook
b. Joseph Banks
c. Lachlan Macquarie
43. All Australians are required to follow Judeo-Christian ethics: true or false?
a. False
b. True
44. What percentage of Australia's population were born overseas?
a. 46%
b. 37%
c. 22%
d. 8%
45. What is Australia's national anthem
a. Advance Australia Fair
b. Waltzing Matilda
c. God Save the Queen
46. What name are Australian soldiers often known by?
a. Shovels
b. Diggers
c. Builders
47. What happened in the 1850s that triggered a new wave of migration to Australia?
a. Land was available for free
b. The British government agreed to pay for most of the voyage
c. Gold was discovered
48. What did Aboriginal people do, in protest at their treatment, on the 150th anniversary of European settlement in 1938?
a. Staged a day of mourning in Sydney
b. Staged a cultural gathering at Ayers Rock/Uluru
c. Staged a national walkout from workplaces
49. 3 What is the name of the passage of water between Australia and Tasmania?
a. Torres Strait
b. Macquarie Strait
c. Bass Strait
d. Cook Strait
50. Which of these statements is correct about the Queen's role in Australia?
a. The Queen makes all final decisions regarding government in Australia
b. The Queen does not play a day-to-day role in Australia's government
c. The Queen shares power equally with the Prime Minister

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